This is the homepage of the Republican Party of Adams County, Colorado.

Organizational Meeting Results

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who attended, and especially to all those who ran for any of our offices.

ACRC Officers

Chairman: JoAnn Windholz

Vice-Chairman: Kawika Berthelette

Secretary: Doug Woody

State Bonus

State GOP Central Committee Bonus Members:

  1. Clark Bolser
  2. Chris Bowman
  3. Kaarl Hoopes
  4. Farid Jalil
  5. Joe Janecky
  6. Bill Leck
  7. Neal Mancuso
  8. Anil Mathai
  9. Ben Nicholas
  10. Tamara Pierce
  11. Austin Rollison
  12. Josh Silva
  13. Mark White
  14. Skinny Winkler

CD6 Bonus

Congressional District 6 Bonus Members:

  1. Arnold Gerlock 
  2. Farid Jalil
  3. Keith Maines
  4. Bev Werner

CD7 Bonus

Congressional District 7 Bonus Members:

  1. Anil Mathai
  2. Daniel Garcia
  3. Michele Haedrich
  4. Larry Hoy
  5. Austin Rollison
  6. Skinny Winkler
  7. Mark White
  8. Nancy Thompson
  9. Gaylynn Jameson
  10. Pamela Ruffin