The Lundberg Report

From Sen. Lundberg: March 14, 2020 Two Pandemics Banning Oil-based Paint and a Whole Lot More Due Date Too late Final Push The Bills in Colorado Now Number 563 1. Two Pandemics We all know more about COVID-19 than we ever wanted to know, but there is another Pandemic taking over our world that is […]

Adams GOP Opposes “National Popular Vote”

A Resolution from the Adams County Republican Party Regarding National Popular Vote Compact (signed into law by Governor Polis) Whereas the Adams County Republican Party believes that the founders of these United States acknowledged that the election of the United States President provides a protection of the citizens vote within the structure of the current Electoral […]

Voting Is Underway

Ballots are hitting mailboxes. Vote yours early, then help us get your conservative friends & neighbors to do the same! Once your ballot is marked, in the envelope, and your envelope is signed, return it to a 24 hour drop box (see the locations here). Prefer to vote in person or just want to hand […]

UNMASKED2020: Colorado’s Radical Left Turn and a Warning to America

Denver is in Decay while Colorado is in Peril!

Yard Signs

If you’re looking for yard signs, stop by the Victory Office at 3489 W 72nd Ave, Suite 212 in Westminster.


StraighTalk, our new blog site, is now live. Current plans are for the blog to run through the election, with posts from several different authors contributing over that time. Depending on the response we get, it may continue after that as well, so check it out, and once we have a few posts up, let […]

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