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Adams County Republican Committee Terms Of Use

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Publication of Contact Information

It is the policy of Adams County Republican Committee to distribute and make publicly available all contact information for elected positions including PCPs, DC, HD and SD officers, Area Coordinators, and Executive Officers. It’s important that our elected representatives be accessible to carry out their elected duties. It is suggested that each elected member create a separate free email account to be published and used for ACRC business only so that any personal account information can remain private. If elected members are concerned about publishing personal phone numbers, we suggest they set up a free Google Voice number for publication.


Pulling data for candidates and qualified Republicans such as Executive Committee, Central Committee, Officer, DC, PCP, and Delegate lists are available upon request to qualified republicans and republican campaigns. Please email all data requests to us with your name, address, phone number and the details of the data you are requesting and for what purpose it will be used.

Voter Data

Voter Lists are available to all authorized registered users for direct download. Anybody can register on our website. Upon approval, access will be granted based on our data security policy.

Database Security Access Policy

Authorized users will have access to voter data through our database for their respective area of responsibility. PCPs will have access to voter info for their precincts. District Captains will have access to voting data for their area of responsibility. House and Senate district officers will have access to voter data for their respective districts. Area coordinators will have access to data for the areas which they oversee. Registered Republicans will be granted access upon approval to voter data to help get out the vote.

PCP List and Email Distribution Policy

Please email us all requests with your name, address, phone number, and details of the data you are requesting and for what purpose.


Please email us if you have any content you want included in our email newsletter. Please allow at least one week advance notice for inclusion.


For website issues or to request content be added to our website, please email Doug Woody

Please email us if you require any additional information or assistance.