Adams County Candidates

Republican candidates running for offices in the Adams County Government. Information provided by the candidates; we will update this page as the candidates provide more information to us.

Commissioner Candidates

Candidates for Adams County Commissioner must run within the district where they live, but are elected at large. This means that all Adams County voters may vote in each Commissioner District race, regardless of where in the county they live. In other words, you should vote for both Larry Hoy in District 3 and Joyce Thomas in District 4 this fall.

District 3

Larry Hoy, Commissioner District 3

Larry Hoy’s Website.

District 4

Joyce Thomas 


  • Child of God; Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
  • Born & Raised in Illinois
  • Moved to Colorado around the age of 11
  • Lived in Adams County for 45 years
  • Former Mayor of Federal Heights (8 years), served the city 19 years
  • Served on many boards including:
    • DRCOG—Denver Regional Council of Governments
    • ACED Executive Board
    • CCUA—Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance
    • CWIG—Colorado Women in Government
    • RAQC—appointed by the Governor (Regional Air Quality Council
    • Airport Coordinating Committee—involved in negotiations to bring funds to Adams County communities from new airport development in perpetuity
  • Currently serve on the Pinnacle Charter School board
  • Member of DAR—Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Married 45 years this coming August
  • My husband and I own a small business in Adams County for 26 years
  • Influences in my life: My grandfather, who was a county commissioner in Illinois, and life-long Republican


Executive Candidates


Patsy Melonakis (Incumbent) Website 

Married to Chris Melonakis, with two children (Shanan and Shane) and three granddaughters (Samantha, Mackenzie and Cassidy).

  • Currently, Adams County Assessor, elected in November, 2014, took office in January of 2015.
  • SPS Design, LLC, Owner/Designer—12 years licensed with Mack Trucks, Products sold worldwide.
  • Associate Real Estate Broker/Property Management—Hanegan Realty, 24years
  • Sit on the Policy Review Board Adams County
  • Public presentations illustrating the processes followed in the Adams County Assessor’s office

In addition to running my outside businesses, I have the honor of being the first Woman and Republican to hold the office of Adams County Assessor. Four years ago I promised to “Sweep the Office Clean of Corruption and Cronyism” and I HAVE KEPT THAT PROMISE. My office has rooted out and eliminated property valuations based on cronyism, favoritism and political paybacks, resulting in fair property evaluations for the first time in over 40 years. Many of these properties had been valued at less than one-third of their fair market value—hurting our Schools, Fire Districts and other agencies that provide critical services. I will continue to be vigilant in correcting all Adams County properties with improprieties, while striving to improve the processes and procedures followed with the statutory duties of the Assessor’s Office. Please visit my website at

Clerk & Recorder

Stan Martin (Incumbent) Website

As your County Clerk, my time serving you has been exciting and engaging. I have been working with dedicated staff and our Commissioners to produce necessary changes, positively impacting the people of Adams County. We’ve continued focusing our efforts on YOU AND YOUR TIME. Together, we’ve refined processes, implemented time and cost saving technology while working hard to create a positive customer experience.

  • Reduced your time in line at the DMV by 85%!
  • Implemented new Election software resulting in increased Accuracy, Efficiency, Transparency and Security. Your Adams County Election Department is now highly regarded as one of the best in Colorado.
  • Conducted 5 re-counts in the 2017 Election with Exact Results.
  • Installed new Recording software allowing over 20 million public records for you to now access online.
  • Conducted the 2016 Presidential Election at a cost savings to you the taxpayer of roughly $1 Million!
  • Installing convenient Kiosks throughout Adams County saving you time renewing your vehicle registration.
  • Implemented Gov2Go app. First Colorado County to utilize this new innovative technology that will send a notification to your cell phone when your vehicle tags are due. With the push of a button, pay for your tags and receive them in the mail saving you valuable time!


Kara Palfy, NP

facebook @karaforcoroner


Sheriff Mike McIntosh (Incumbent) Website

Sheriff Mike McIntosh is a man of family and faith, wholly committed to the public safety of Adams County. He is a 30-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office with a proven background of character and integrity. He has worked hard to establish unity and trust throughout our community. Sheriff McIntosh is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Session 237 and has honorably represented Adams County as your sheriff for the last four years.

Mike’s Focus:

  • Providing quality public safety amid unrivaled growth in Adams County
  • Addressing mental health needs in a proactive and constructive manner
  • Guarding the unity and trust established within our community
  • Developing future leaders in the ACSO


Brigitte Grimm (Incumbent)