With the 2016 passage of Propositions 107 & 108, elections in Colorado have changed. We now have a Presidential Primary (March 3rd), a Caucus & Assembly process (Caucus March 7th, Assemblies following through April 18th), and a state primary (June 30th). The Caucus & Assembly process is the same as it has been for years, except that Colorado’s delegates to the Republican National Convention later this year will be pledged to the winner of the March 3rd primary.

Assembly Dates:

  • March 21st, Adams County
  • April 18th, Colorado GOP

Other dates will be added shortly, but all other assemblies will occur between the Adams County Assembly and State.

See our Caucus Sites here.



Questions about the caucus/assembly process

What is a Delegate?

A delegate is a person elected at a precinct caucus or an assembly/convention as a representative to a higher assembly convention, from the county assembly up to the Republican National Convention.

What is a PCP?

A Precinct Committee Person (PCP) is a representative to the County, House District and Senate District Republican Parties, elected by other Republicans living in the same precinct. Learn more here.

What is Assembly?

The Adams County Assembly is a meeting of all the delegates and alternates elected at the precinct caucuses to designate candidates to the ballot for offices appearing in the June primary election and to elect from among themselves delegates and alternates to higher assemblies.

What is caucus?

Caucus is a meeting we hold in even-numbered years where Republicans gather together with others from their same precinct. Learn more here.