Caucus Agenda

What happens at caucus?

When you arrive you will check in, then head to the designated spot for your precinct. When it’s time to begin (10:00 a.m. for 2020), the first task will be to elect a Caucus Chairman, who will run the rest of the caucus, and a Caucus Secretary, who will record the results of the caucus. The next step is to elect two Precinct Committee People (PCPs), and then between 1 and 3 delegates and the same number of alternates, depending on your precinct (the provided paperwork will have the correct number). The final task is to consider and vote on resolutions; those which pass will then be considered by the delegates at the Adams County Republican Assembly and potentially forward them to the Colorado Republican Assembly & Convention.

You may not have enough people present willing to fill all of these roles; while this is disappointing, it is okay. If only one or two people want to run for the PCP positions, then you don’t need an election. Similarly, if you have as an example 3 delegate positions for your precinct, and only 3 attendees indicate they want to run, you again don’t need an election. If 4 or more express an interest, there will need to be a vote, with the top 3 vote-getters being delegates, the next 3 alternates.

After all the votes are tallied for all the positions and resolutions, the Secretary and Chairman need to complete the paperwork, including filling in contact info for those elected as PCP and/or delegate or alternate, then return that and the successful resolutions to the Caucus Site Manager.