2022  Election
Be The Change You Want To See!

The following positions are up for election this year. Check out our GOP Candidate Page to see who is running.  Watch for your ballots and know who you are voting for!!

Congressional District 8

  • US House

  • Colorado Board of Education

  • CU Regent

Adams County

  • Commissioner Dist. 3

  • Commissioner Dist. 4

  • Clerk and Recorder

  • Treasurer

  • Assessor

  • Coroner

  • Sheriff

State House of Representatives

  • District 29

  • District 31

  • District 32

  • District 33

  • District 34

  • District 35

  • District 48

  • District 56

State Senate

  • District 13

  • District 24

  • District 25

2021 proved that everyday people who want to serve and small campaign budgets can create a red wave when freedom is at stake.  Many have said that 2020 was the most important election of our time, but that is not true.  2022 will prove to be even more important.  We have suffered an irrevocable loss of freedom under the reign a socialist democratic party set on the destruction of the constitution and the way of life we have built.

If you are able to problem solve, pay attention to detail. understand the financial and social implications of your actions, and collaborate the you are probably already qualified to serve in public office.  If you want to stop county wide business killing policies or state legislation that impedes our freedom and liberty, then now is the time to step forward and run for office.

The Republican platform is based on a simple concept; to protect Life, Liberty, and Prosperity.  To believe in these basic principles is to believe: that every life is important and should be protected; that we the people endow  the government with power, not the other way around; that ability to exercise thoughtful freedom is an inherent right granted to every American; that every citizen has the right to be free from interference from the government in their pursuit of their dreams and financial security; and that protection of our constitution from enemies, foreign or domestic, is not only a right, but a duty of every citizen.  If you believe in these principles, and are willing to fight for them, then you are ready to serve.

Want to protect election integrity in Adams County.  The best way is to be part of the solution. 
Become an Election Judge! 
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