2021 / 2022 Candidates
Laural Imer for CD 7

Laurel Imer is a Republican Candidate for Colorado's 7th Congressional District, the Former Chair of the Jefferson County Trump Campaign as well as the 2020 Republican Nominee for CO-HD24.

Click here to see a downloadable list of positions open in Adams County in 2021.  Stop delaying, the campaign season is underway!

Be The Change You Want To See!

2020...What a big year!  The presidential elections and national coverage was captivating.  Did you know though that for Coloradoans 2021 is a critical election year.  Yes, most people don't even vote in odd years and many fail to see the importance of the positions up for election this year.  

Are you concerned about our children, grandchildren, and friends getting back to school?  Concerned over what they learn when they are there?  Well then you need to know that school boards are comprised of everyday citizens, like you, who make those decisions.  We need committed, principled people to run for and serve as school board members all throughout Colorado this year.  Here in Adams County all of our boards have open positions.  We urge you to participate in this local level of government that has so much control over our everyday lives.  

This year all of our cities in Adams County also have open positions for City Council members.  Don't think you are qualified?  If you are able to problem solve, pay attention to detail. understand the financial and social implications of your actions, and collaborate the you are probably already qualified.  Need a speed bump in your neighborhood, want the police to respond better, desire more parks and open space.  Then you can run for City Council and become part of that solution.

Want to protect election integrity in Adams County.  The best way is to be part of the solution. 
Become an Election Judge! 
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