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The Adams County GOP is a big group of movers and shakers.  Want to plan an event or get something on the website for all to see?

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At The Heart Of Our Volunteers

In a recent conversation Jewels Gray was asked what it was that drove her to step up and volunteer for the GOP in Adams County and she had the following to say...


"I was motivated to join the GOP after seeing local representatives stray from their representation of the Republicans that elected them.  I was tired of feeling like I was not represented by those who were elected to do that.  I knew that I had to be part of the solution I desired.  I realized if it was not going to be me then who would step up.  I was tired of being run over by the leftist extremists and their agenda.

Now I serve as a leader in the ACRC and I am proud to exemplify our Republican values. I ask you, 'when is enough going to be enough for you?  If it's not you, then who?  Who will represent us?'"

       Jewels Gray

        SD25 & HD56 Vice Chairman