Letter to the Editor: Sitting Is not Showing Respect

From Gaylynn Jameson, HD35 Secretary
published in The Westminster Window

As I watched the President’s State of the Union address, I was uplifted by memories of our country’s past greatness and valiant stories of heroes who have served it.

But I was saddened by a group of my fellow women in attendance there. It was a disappointment that these Women in White represented their respective states by staying seated. This could have made a wonderful statement regarding the accomplishments of women in politics.

But instead they chose to stay seated when the entire chamber stood to cheer among others: Herman and Joshua’s powerful story of holocaust survival, two WW2 soldiers who survived D-Day and a touching story of Grace, a 10-year-old girl who since she was four-years-old had asked friends to donate to St Jude’s and is now valiantly fighting brain cancer herself. She stood as the rest of the Chamber cheered for her.

Instead the Women in White stood only in recognition of themselves.