The Lundberg Report

From Sen. Lundberg:

March 14, 2020

  1. Two Pandemics
  2. Banning Oil-based Paint and a Whole Lot More
  3. Due Date Too late Final Push
  4. The Bills in Colorado Now Number 563

1. Two Pandemics

We all know more about COVID-19 than we ever wanted to know, but there is another Pandemic taking over our world that is far more contagious. Its incubation period can be instantaneous, its symptoms amount to just about anything, and it can destroy just about everything.

I am talking about fear.

It is smart to get ahead of the challenges of COVID-19, but the biggest enemy I see on the horizon is fear and overreaction. Please don’t get caught up in it. During these trying times of cancellations, sickness, economic chaos and political turmoil it is easy to be ruled by fear.

Without fear driving our actions, we can take rational steps to protect ourselves and our family, and do what we can to help those in need.

During the first few difficult months of the Civil War, when addressing Congress President Lincoln said:

Having thus chosen our course. . .without guile and with pure purpose, let us renew our trust in God, and go forward without fear. . .

Governments around the world are struggling to find solutions to the pandemic of COVID-19, but this was not a surprise for the Supreme Ruler of the universe. As with every major crisis, our ultimate hope is not in our own strength or knowledge, it is in the mercy and grace of our loving heavenly Father.

“…let us renew our trust in God, and go forward without fear…”

2. Banning Oil-based Paint and a Whole Lot More

Apparently running radical policies through the legislature is not enough for (King) Polis.

I just discovered that his health department has, through rule making alone and without specific approval from the legislature, banned oil-based paint and banned or strictly regulated dozens of other common and useful products.

Most of the rules go into effect on May 1, 2020.

In addition to all oil-based paints, there are dozens of other useful products included in these new rules. The rules use the California standards as their guide. To read the report click here.

3. Due Date Too Late Final Push

The organizers of the petition to end late term abortions (Due Date Too Late) announced that they turned in 138,000 signatures, but that may not be enough. They are preparing for a final push to “cure” any shortfall they may have of valid signatures. To learn how you can help click here.

4. The Bills in Colorado Now Number 563

There are now 563 bills listed on the state’s website.

Here are two of the worst bills I am giving particular attention:

SB-156 will fund Planned Parenthood through the medical insurance companies, which means you and I will be funding Planned Parenthood. The bill passed it’s first committee last week. For more information on SB-156 go to this previous report in the Lundberg Letter.

The bill severely restricting immunization exemptions, SB-163, passed the Senate and is now in the House. Hundreds of parents testified against this bill in the Senate. with the concerns for COVID-19 it is hard to say what input the public may get in the House for this bill.

Listed below are the rest of the worst parts of the worst ones I have identified. I have listed in red the last action, if any, taken on the bill. The link on each bill takes you to the bill on the state website.

Each bill deserves careful attention and I recommend you look at this list carefully, researching the ones that are most important to your interests.

The pattern of killing the freedom loving bills in their first committee hearing is also clearly evident as 96% of the good bills have not survived the first committee hearing. Of the bad bills only 15% have been rejected.

Bad Bills:

  • HB-1006 mental health “consultants” to monitor families from prenatal through age 8 passed first committee
  • HB-1008 heavy regulations on medical cost-sharing programs sent to committee of the whole
  • HB-1011 state sponsored PR campaign for preschool education passed first committee
  • HB-1018 increase natural gas costs with production of “renewable natural gas” lost in first hearing
  • HB-1019 find ways to end private prisons by 2025 signed by governor
  • HB-1065 opens up free needle exchange programs to any clinic, without govt. oversight passed first committee
  • HB-1081 expands multi-language election ballots passed House, sent to Senate
  • HB-1084 strict controls on dog and cat breeders and bans their sale at pet stores lost in first hearing
  • HB-1141 limits fees for late rent to no more than $20 and only after 14 days lost in first hearing
  • HB-1149 allows 16 year olds to vote in school district elections passed first committee
  • HB-1158 another medical insurance mandate, this one requires coverage for U’unlimited embryo production invitro sent to Senate floor
  • HB-1162 prohibit polstyrene past to House floor
  • HB-1163 prohibit plastic single use products, including polystyrene past to House Floor
  • HB-1278 register all firearms when a protection order is created
  • HB-1294 eliminate the term “illegal Alien” from public contracts for services sent to Senate
  • HB-1355 requiring locks on most guns
  • HB-1356 requires reporting lost and stolen guns within 48 hours
  • SB-004 state pays two years of student loan payments passed first committee
  • SB-010 allow local governments to ban certain plastics lost in first hearing
  • SB-038 require biodiesel in diesel passed Senate third reading
  • SB-065 require hands free cell phones while driving passed Senate third reading
  • SB-100 bans death penalty sent to governor
  • SB-108 prohibits a landlord from requesting or using in any way a tenant’s immigration status passed Senate third reading
  • SB-125 Prohibit Exotic Animals In Traveling Performances passed Senate third reading
  • SB-150 increase natural gas costs with production of “renewable natural gas” passed Senate third reading
  • SB-156 fully fund Planned Parenthood committee passed first committee
  • SB-159 increase costs for public buildings because of “global warming potentials” sent to Senate floor
  • SB-163 severely restricts immunization exemptions passed Senate third reading
  • SB-166 allows minors to change the sex on their birth certificate sent to House floor

-85% of the bad bills are still alive

Good Bills:

  • HB-1033 pro-life Live and Let Live Act lost in first hearing
  • HB-1034 K-12 tuition tax deduction
  • HB-1040 allow concealed carry on school grounds lost in first hearing
  • HB-1062 expands campus free speech law sent to governor
  • HB-1063 parental rights bill lost in first hearing
  • HB-1068 protects a child who survives an abortion lost in first hearing
  • HB-1070 makes local governments liable for fracking bans lost in first hearing
  • HB-1075 protect human life at conception lost in first hearing
  • HB-1098 prohibits late term abortions lost in first hearing
  • HB-1099 repeals gun magazine ban lost in first hearing
  • HB-1111 parent authority To require educational reforms lost in first hearin
  • HB-1114 Protect Minors From Mutilation And Sterilization lost in first hearing
  • HB-1144 parental rights bill lost in first hearing
  • HB-1204 Educational tax credits lost in first hearing
  • HB-1239 Consumer Protections Concerning Vaccinations lost in first hearing
  • HB-1271 Repeal Red Flag And Amend 72-hour Hold lost in first hearing
  • HB-1272 promote one man one women families lost in first hearing
  • HB-1273 allow biological girls to only compete against biological girls lost in first hearing
  • HB-1287 enforcement of Colorado constitutional rights in Colorado state courts. lost in first hearing
  • HB-1297 protect parents who exempt their children from immunizations
  • SB-020 reduce state income tax rate to 4.49% lost in first hearing
  • SB-044 directs some sales and use taxes to transportation lost in first hearing SB-049 expands senior property tax exemption for medical necessity lost in first hearing
  • SB-072 requires more parental notification for sex ed instruction lost in first hearing
  • SB-077 pro life born alive child physician relationship lost in first hearing
  • SB-084 prohibit requiring employee immunization lost in first hearing
  • SB-099 expands thresholds for sales tax collection requirements lost in first hearing
  • SB-117 School Employee Paycheck Transparency lost in first hearing
  • SB-148 increase senior property tax exemption lost in first hearing

-10% of the good bills are still alive

For Life and Liberty!

Kevin Lundberg
fmr Colorado State Senator