UNMASKED2020: Colorado’s Radical Left Turn and a Warning to America

Edited by Charles Heatherly & Kevin Lundberg

Introduction by former State Senate President John Andrews

285 pages / $14.95 paperback/ $3.99 eBook by Kindle Digital Press;
15 Contributors including six current and former state legislators

Chapter titles:

  • A Pandemic of Hubris: Computer Models Turn “Evidence-Based Guesswork” into Gospel
  • Government by Executive Decree: Colorado in Uncharted Waters
  • The True Radicalism of the 2019 Legislative Session
  • Where’s Jared? Capitol Security Takes a Knee
  • Colorado’s Arrogant, Politicized Public Health Bureaucracy
  • The Democrats’ $30 Billion State Budget is Unsustainable — and They Know It
  • The “People’s House” Under Siege: Smashed Windows, Broken Promises and Lock-Step Voting
  • Tyranny Thrives under One Party Rule
  • Who Will Tell the People? State Constitution Sacrificed for an Unwritten 30-Year Climate Plan
  • Activist Media Protect the Mob: The Dangerous Arrogance of a Corrupt Media Machine
  • Citizen Voices Will Not Be Silenced
  • The Progressives’ Continuing War on Agriculture and Rural Colorado
  • The Democrats’ “Tax Fairness Bill”: Kicking Colorado’s Economic Recovery to the Curb
  • Families and Children: Collateral Damage in the Culture War?
  • From Blueprint to Breakout: Colorado’s Downhill Road to a California Dystopia

Praised by conservative pundits who know the stakes in 2020, including:

  • Michelle Malkin, Author and Columnist
  • Mark Hillman, former Colorado State Treasurer
  • Jon Caldara, President, Independent Institute
  • David Horowitz, Author and expert on Marxist lawlessness
  • Dick Wadhams, Consultant and former Chairman of Colorado Republican Party

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Denver is in Decay while Colorado is in Peril!