Update: CD6 & CD7

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From Casper’s Desk

Dear friends, associates and campaign supporters

There are some big changes happening in the CD6 race and I wanted you to be the first to know about them.

Since entering the CD6 race I have been excited about the support and words of encouragement we have received from all of you in my effort to take on BIG money and Jason Crow in CD6!

We have a LOT of grassroots support and we were assured to receive enough votes to get on the primary ballot through the assembly process. BUT as you know it takes a lot of support and donations to win a race against an opponent who has a lot of support and campaign money behind them.

About a week ago I was contacted by a CD7 Executive Board Member who wanted me to think about a CD7 US Congressional run. Even though CD7 was not on my radar I did tell them I would give it some thought and prayer.

After several conversations with campaign staff, family and close friends we all felt, with Republican party support, a CD7 race could be a win win for all involved.

With a party unity thought in mind I reached out to Steve House, Ken Buck and other party leaders to see if we were all on the same page. We all agree that party unity is important to win more races for Republicans in Colorado.

So within the next few days we will be making an official switch from a CD6 congressional race to a CD7 congressional race.

Some of you will be very excited about this change and others will be upset and potentially see it as a disappointment. Those of you who know me know I am not afraid of a political fight. This was NOT an easy decision but hopefully over time you will see it as the best decision we could make based upon the circumstances.

One thing I can promise the CD7 Executive Board Members, the great people of CD7 and all of you is that I will always work hard to not just run a viable race in CD7 but WIN the race in CD7!

Please read the official Press Release from The Steve House and Casper Stockham campaigns here!

Please help me fight for CD7 and meet our fundraising goal this month! We won’t get there without you!

Casper Stockham