At The Heart Of Our Volunteers

GOP leaders and volunteers come from all backgrounds.  One of our HD Chairs Kathleen Dodaro had this to offer when asked why she volunteers......


"I wanted to be with like-minded people who want to provide a better future for the next generation.  We are headed down a path of history repeating itself and I know how dangerous that is.  I wanted to educate others to  make changes so that we don't suffer that fate.  I have seen a trend toward US hatred by our our citizens and a movement toward socialism, which has proven worldwide, all throughout history, to be a precursor to communism and tyrannical dictatorships.  We need to educate our younger generations about these facts.  There are certainly things in our nation's history that we have not done well, but we need to champion the corrections we have made and the wonderful things we have done for all of humanity since this nation was born."

Kathleen Dodaro, PhD

HD35 Chairman

ACRC Committees and Teams


Join our ADCO Education Focus Group and make a difference for school aged children across the state.

Concerned about election fraud? Serve on our Fraud Task Force!

On of the best ways to win at the polls is to make sure that people get to the polls..  Get out and help with voter registration.  Great way to meet people and ensure we are helping people vote.  



The Adams County GOP is a big group of movers and shakers.  Want to plan an event or get something on the website for all to see?

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